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Matlock Corley is here to help and support YOU with your mental wellness journey!

Matlock Corley offers 1-on-1 therapy in a compassionate way that puts the client’s needs first. No matter where you are in life, I will assist you in overcoming obstacles that are holding you back from self-love, growth, acceptance, and balanced life. I offer adults and students assistance with planning their next steps through life coaching.

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Our Therapist

Welcome to Matlock Corley Community Solutions! My name is Evalena Matlock-Corley, (BSc, MEd, MSW RSW). I have 20 years of experience in human services and 6 years of psychotherapy experience, specializing in working with women, students, and Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC). My passion for helping these groups with their mental wellness comes from my own experiences in living and thriving through my own life. As a wife, mother, advocate, and woman of African descent, I enjoy being able to connect with those who share similar experiences.

In 2010, after years of trying to start a family, I had more miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies than I care to recall. Once I successfully became pregnant, I became a mom for the first time with a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke and brain surgery during the time and had to overcome obstacles of both physical and mental health to gain back my life. 

I am here to help you write your own story and conquer your anxiety, depression, pressure, and stress. I am also here as a listening ear for you to express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.  You are valuable, and your story matters!

Our Mission

My mission is to provide counseling services for everyone with a special emphasis on BIPOC therapy.

I am privileged to walk alongside my clients as they navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life. In the midst of their present circumstances and challenges, I provide support to my clients with care and compassion. It is through our strong, relational connection that clients become empowered to move ahead in healthy and productive ways.


Environmental – I provide a non-judgemental and confidential environment in which clients can engage the messiness of life with curiosity, perspective, audacity, and hope.

Meaningful Connections – I create a safe space where clients are seen and heard. I recognize the courage that is necessary to engage in this connection.

Supportive Guidance – I respectfully encourage and empower my clients with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support that will help them overcome their issues to position themselves for success and personal growth.

Our Services

Anxiety, emotional trauma, and grief can keep you from living your best life. Here, individual therapy for adults and teens is created in a safe space to acknowledge difficult feelings and learn how to better manage them. As you progress along the therapy journey, you will become more confident and assertive in managing relationship conflicts, trusting your instincts, and minimizing the impact the outside world has on your peace.

I provide 1-on-1 compassionate counselling for women, students, Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC). I help students and adults on planning their next steps in life in a place where they can be heard, acknowledged, and seen as they take the next step…whatever that may be!

Matlock Corley caters to: People dealing with overwhelm, anxiety or depression.

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Our Approach For Treatment

Services We Offer !!!

Consultation (Free)

Don’t know if therapy or life/career coaching is for you? Book a free telephone consultation call and find out! A consultation call will allow me to hear your concerns, and give you an idea of how we will deal with those issues. If it sounds like a good fit, you can schedule a regular appointment for first-time clients! 

Individual Therapy Sessions


Living your life with fear, trauma, loss or uncertainty can take a toll on your relationships and goals. If left unaddressed over a long period, they can have debilitating impacts that may take ages to reverse. Individual therapy can help you process your emotions and help regain control of your life. 

Student Therapy

I offer crisis and short-term personal counselling to students, who are experiencing personal or academic difficulties. I provide therapy to BIPOC students who wish to be seen and understood in a way that may not happen at their higher education institution.

Consulting / Life Strategies

Having difficulty with understanding who you are and what you’re about? I provide consulting and life coaching services to people who are interested in living as their true and authentic selves. If you’re ready to take the next step, but you’re not sure what it should be, I can help!

Our Product

Here is our for dealing with stress that gives you real tips on how to control stress and manage your life!


From Professional Social Workers

This is what other professional social workers graciously had to say about working with me…

“(Evalena) is great at practicing reflexivity ensuring the environment is inclusive and welcoming by being mindful of how she communicates both verbally and non-verbally. Personally, I knew I could always count on Evalena to support me when needed (which happened to be many times) and always put a smile on my face.”  (D.K., 2017)

“I witnessed her exceptional quality in diffusing group tensions and facilitating productive group processes. She interacted with her peers with respect and made a special effort to include everyone regardless of their differences.”  (E.R.A., 2017)

“Advocates who fight injustice fearlessly are often blind to their own wrongdoing. Here is where Evalena deploys her exceptional ability for ongoing critical self-reflection to admit wrongdoing and forgive others and herself without abandoning the cause of social justice. Now, that is a quintessential example of lifelong learning and professional development inseparably twined with advocacy.”  (M.K.K., 2017)

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Resources for Mental Health

For Mental Health

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Alzheimer Society Kitchener-Waterloo

Bereaved Families of Ontario Waterloo Region

The Canadian Mental Health Association



Distress/Crises Assistance
Crisis Line/Mobile Crisis Team

Distress Line, (Waterloo Region)

HERE 24/7,  1 844 437 3247 (HERE247)

KW Counselling, 


(519) 884-0000



The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

National Eating Disorder Information Centre

For Children / Youth

Good 2 Talk (for post-secondary students)
1-866-925-5454 or connect through 211

Kids Help Line

Parent Help Line

Youth Line, (Waterloo Region)


For Women

Assaulted Women’s Helpline
(TTY only) 1-866-863-7868

Haven House (24 hour crisis line)

Victims of Assault (Women’s Shelters)
Anselma House (24 hours crisis line)

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

When Assault Happens

Domestic Violence Treatment Centre
Victims of Sexual Assault

EARS for Male Victims of Sexual Assault

Kitchener-Waterloo Sexual Assault Support Center

Sexual Assault Support Centre Crisis Line

Victim Services of Waterloo Region

Waterloo Region Sexual Assault

For Individuals and Families

YWCA Kitchener Waterloo


We Are Here To Help You !!

Matlock Corley Community Solutions
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Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and let me know what I can do for you:

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