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From Professional Social Workers

This is what other professional social workers graciously had to say about working with me…

“(Evalena) is great at practicing reflexivity ensuring the environment is inclusive and welcoming by being mindful of how she communicates both verbally and non-verbally. Personally, I knew I could always count on Evalena to support me when needed (which happened to be many times) and always put a smile on my face.”  (D.K., 2017)

“I witnessed her exceptional quality in diffusing group tensions and facilitating productive group processes. She interacted with her peers with respect and made a special effort to include everyone regardless of their differences.”  (E.R.A., 2017)

“Advocates who fight injustice fearlessly are often blind to their own wrongdoing. Here is where Evalena deploys her exceptional ability for ongoing critical self-reflection to admit wrongdoing and forgive others and herself without abandoning the cause of social justice. Now, that is a quintessential example of lifelong learning and professional development inseparably twined with advocacy.”  (M.K.K., 2017)

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