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Anxiety, emotional trauma, and grief can keep you from living your best life. Here, individual therapy for adults and teens is created in a safe space to acknowledge difficult feelings and learn how to better manage them. As you progress along the therapy journey, you will become more confident and assertive in managing relationship conflicts, trusting your instincts, and minimizing the impact the outside world has on your peace.

I provide 1-on-1 compassionate counselling for women, students, Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC). I help students and adults on planning their next steps in life in a place where they can be heard, acknowledged, and seen as they take the next step…whatever that may be!

Matlock Corley caters to: People dealing with overwhelm, anxiety or depression.

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Our Approach For Treatment

Services We Offer !!!

Consultation (Free)

Don’t know if therapy or life/career coaching is for you? Book a free telephone consultation call and find out! A consultation call will allow me to hear your concerns, and give you an idea of how we will deal with those issues. If it sounds like a good fit, you can schedule a regular appointment for first-time clients! 

Individual Therapy Sessions


Living your life with fear, trauma, loss or uncertainty can take a toll on your relationships and goals. If left unaddressed over a long period, they can have debilitating impacts that may take ages to reverse. Individual therapy can help you process your emotions and help regain control of your life. 

Student Therapy

I offer crisis and short-term personal counselling to students, who are experiencing personal or academic difficulties. I provide therapy to BIPOC students who wish to be seen and understood in a way that may not happen at their higher education institution.

Consulting / Life Strategies

Having difficulty with understanding who you are and what you’re about? I provide consulting and life coaching services to people who are interested in living as their true and authentic selves. If you’re ready to take the next step, but you’re not sure what it should be, I can help!

Our Product

Here is our for dealing with stress that gives you real tips on how to control stress and manage your life!